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The Hixson Difference

Hixson Lumber Company has adhered to a policy of providing consistent quality and exceptional service to our customers since 1959. This philosophy has established us as a major supplier of wood products for over 60 years.

Featured Products

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MicroPro® Technology

A revolutionary way to pressure treat wood for decks, fences, landscaping and general construction uses.

MicroPro® MCA pressure treated wood is treated with micronized copper azole preservatives, which help protect against termite damage and fungal decay. MicroPro® offers many benefits including significantly improved corrosion performance. MicroPro® treated wood products are US building code compliant and are backed by a  Residential and Agricultural Limited Warranty.

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Long-Term Protection

NatureWood® Copper Azole CA preservative is a waterborne, preservative systems developed to provide long-term protection of wood exposed in exterior applications.

The Copper Azole (CA) system is based on the well-established effectiveness of copper combined with a co-biocide, and are applied to wood by pressure treatment. Copper Azole CA-C Treated Wood Products  are available for above ground, ground contact and fresh water contact applications for projects such as decks, fences and landscaping and are backed by a  Residential and Agricultural Limited Warranty.

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Commercial and Industrial

Wood preservatives and fire retardant products are available to meet the most demanding construction needs.

CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) Treated Wood  is available for certain commercial, industrial and agricultural applications, providing protection from termites and fungal decay. Typical applications include utility poles, highway uses, foundation pilings, salt water marine and agricultural uses.

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Advance Guard® Borate Treated Wood

Builders can depend on Advance Guard® to set them apart from their competitors and to provide to their customers what pre-existing homes can never provide — long lasting, built-in protection against termites, including Formosan termites, fungal decay and many other wood destroying organisms.

Termites, decay fungi and other wood destroying organisms cause billions of dollars in damage to homes every year. However, wood structural systems built with Borate Pressure Treated Wood  have long-term protection that is a step up in quality construction and backed by a  Lifetime Residential Limited Warranty.

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Ecolife® Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood

Ecolife® Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood is an environmentally-advanced wood protection system, utilizing a fully integrated wood preservative with built-in stabilizer for maximum weathering protection and enhanced performance.

Ecolife®  is a non-metallic preservative that fights the effects of the sun and weather extremes that repels water, minimizes cracking and keeps boards straighter.

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D-Blaze® Fire-Retardant Treated Wood (FRTW)

Built-in Fire Protection.

D-Blaze® Treated Lumber and Plywood  are designed for interior wood framing and sheathing applications where fire retardant construction materials are specified or required by building code. D-Blaze is highly effective at slowing down the spread of flame and reducing smoke development as a result of fire, giving you and your family more time to escape.

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